KSA: Women allowed to start business without male guardian’s permission

Saudi women can now launch their own business and benefit from it without any consent from a male guardian, the ministry of commerce has announced as part of the policies to boost the private sector and women’s activities in the kingdom.

“Women can now launch their own businesses and benefit from (governmental) e-services without having to prove consent from a guardian,” the ministry of commerce and investment said on its website.

The decision ends the kingdom’s strict restrictions preventing women from partaking in any activity without permission from a spouse or a male guardian.

Saudi Women had to have special permission from their husband or male guardian to enroll in school, travel or do any government paperwork.

The new permission slots in the reforms seeking to end the country’s economic dependence on the oil sector, through boosting the private sector and upgrading women’s participation in economic activities and growth.

The reforms, spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, have boosted women’s confidence to set out their comfort zone.

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