Egypt: Agriculture Exports to Russia to Face Ban for Contamination

Russian authorities could impose a temporary ban on some Egyptian agricultural goods that fail to meet phytosanitary requirements, Russia’s food safety watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor indicated on Tuesday.

The Russian institution pointed at Egyptian authorities’ failure to comply with international and phytosanitary requirements ahead of the exportation of citrus fruit to Russia, Reuters reports.

Rosselkhoznadzor however did not disclose the list of products that could face the ban.

In a different report, Russian officials on Monday noted that they did not receive notification by Egyptian authorities for shipping Russian wheat to Egypt.

Russia is Egypt’s largest wheat supplier. Egyptian authorities reportedly imposed tight requirement policy on the ergot fungus as of August.

“There is no official rejection (from the Egyptian side),”Rosselkhoznadzor spokesman Aleksey Alekseenko told Reuters.

“I think this question can be decided during talks between the two countries. We are preparing the official request this week.”

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