Turkey, KSA Eye Stronger Ties

King Salman of Saudi Arabia who is in Turkey for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit held talks with President Erdogan on issues of common interest.

Discussions centered mostly on regional security, stability and development.

“The Muslim world is witnessing collective and strategic action through alliances to ensure coordination and integration efforts, and these include the Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism,” King Salman has been quoted as saying. The alliance is led by Riyadh and the king acknowledged Turkey’s quick response to join it.

President Erdogan called for enhancing bilateral ties and underlined the importance of the strategic cooperation between the two countries in assuring regional stability.

King Salman recalled the military drill recently held in the kingdom under code name “North Thunder” in which several countries took part. “This largest military exercise to take place in the region is a message to everyone who may try to undermine our security and stability,” he said.

Meanwhile, tensions between Turkey and Egypt are beginning to cool down after the Secretary General of the Islamic Organization Cooperation stated that the two countries participated at the preparatory meeting of the 13th summit of the organization without any incident.

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