Palestine: Hamas says Fatah’s Gaza retake options are a threat

Hamas has reacted to a statement released by Fatah’s revolutionary council stating that it could pursue other means to regain control of the Gaza Strip.

The statement was considered to be contrary to the peaceful efforts by the two groups to reach an agreement over the affairs of Palestine.

The reconciliation agreement signed in 2014 between the two groups has proven to be challenging because the unity government that should be established under it and based in Ramallah is yet to take over the reins of Gaza.

Fatah stated that failure to reach an agreement with Hamas in the upcoming talks in Doha would oblige the group to consider “other options” to retake Gaza but Hamas said “Fatah’s threats to ‘retake’ Gaza betray the truth of its intentions.” Hamas called on Fatah to “leave the custodianship up to the Palestinian people, respect election results and adopt the principle of partnership.”

Both Hamas and Fatah aim at obtaining Palestine’s statehood and independence but their ideological approaches differ. Hamas is for armed resistance while Fatah prefers negotiation.

However, Palestine’s chief negotiator Erekat in an authored document published on Sunday by Asharq al-Aswat claimed that US Secretary of State John Kerry told President Abbas that Washington would veto any UN Security Council resolution targeting Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian territories or supporting Palestinian statehood during a meeting in Jordan on February 21. He said Kerry was also against international efforts by Palestine to gain more recognition, joining international institutions, adhering to treaties or redefining ties with Israel.

Talks between Israel and Palestine have been suspended since 2014 and France is trying to revive it under an international peace summit later this year.

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