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Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, ‘Hell on Earth’ UN says

The Syrian regime has unleashed its fury on civilians in eastern Ghouta firing rockets and barrel killing dozens. On the fourth day of the intense attack, the UN and aid agencies have urged a cessation of fighting in order to enable aid to be delivered to the besieged population. The civilian death toll to more […]

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Qatar, Chad Restore Diplomatic Ties

Qatar and Chad have decided to restore their diplomatic relations that were severed in August after the start of a Saudi-led blockade against Qatar. Qatar’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Lolwah al-Khater, said that both countries would return their ambassadors with immediate effect. The revival of diplomatic ties between Chad and Qatar is indicative of a waning […]

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Iraq: ISIS Kills 27 Iraqi Shia Fighters

ISIS claimed responsibility for a deadly attack that took the lives of 27 pro-government militia fighters near the northern Iraqi oil city of Kirkuk. ISIS members, disguised as soldiers, set an ambush to the Popular Mobilization Units, two months after the government announced full victory over the terrorist group. The PMU, an independent military force […]

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Emirates, Arsenal extend partnership for five more years

Dubai-based airline Emirates and London-based Premier League club Arsenal have extended their partnership, giving the Emirati airline the opportunity to continue promoting its brand on the club’s shirt for five more years for a deal estimated at $280 million. The new deal signed by Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis and Emirates President Sir Tim Clark […]

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Saudi Arabia to Host its First Fashion Week

Saudi Arabia’s liberalization drive continues to bring surprises. Next March, the Kingdom will organize its first fashion week. The event overturns decades of draconian policies on arts and entertainment. It comes in a series of initiatives spearheaded by all-powerful Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman. After allowing women to drive, attend football games and opening cinema […]

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Qatari Emir Denounces Blockade Imposed by Gulf Neighbors as ‘Futile’

Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani denounced the blockade imposed by three Gulf neighbors (Saudi arabia, UAE and Bahrain) in addition to Egypt as “futile” and voiced confidence in his country’s ability to ward off the ramifications of such an embargo. “It has been a futile crisis manufactured by our neighbors, some of […]

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Lebanon Ready to Ward off any Israeli Attack- Defense Minister

Lebanese Defense Minister Yaacoub Sarraf said his country was prepared to ward off any strikes by Israel on its territories. Sarraf made the strong-worded comment after Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, brandished remnant of Iranian drone saying that his country will act if necessary against Tehran and its proxies, including Lebanese Hezbollah militias. Sarraf told […]

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Red Cross Urges European, Gulf countries to Spend More to Help Syria

President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer, deplored the lack of interest and support for mutual and impartial humanitarian access to Syrian people urging European and Gulf States to spend more to help the war-torn country. Speaking at the recently held Munich Security Conference, Maurer called European and Gulf states […]

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Lebanon Reaffirms Rejection of US proposal to Settle Sea Border with Israel

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri reiterated the state’s rejection of current US proposals as “unacceptable”. This was an apparent reference to a maritime demarcation line proposed by US diplomat Frederic Hof in 2012. The line would give Lebanon around two thirds and Israel around one third of a disputed triangular area of sea of around […]

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Pakistan Says Troops in Saudi Arabia will not be deployed outside the Kingdom

Pakistan has sent troops to Saudi Arabia on a training mission after it refrained to do so in the past years, but the Pakistani military clarifies that the troops will not be deployed in conflict zones outside the kingdom. Riyadh and Islamabad have been close allies for decades. The Saudis have been pressing Pakistan for […]

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