Saudi largest seafood restaurant chain to open shop in UAE

Shrimp Nation, the largest seafood restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia, plans to open its first branches in the UAE with an investment value of AED 10 million ($2.72 million), Trade Arabia reports.
“We are delighted to expand and open branches in the UAE as well as other countries in the Middle East, as part of our short-term expansion plan. We believe that the UAE offers one of the best and most dynamic economic environments where we will be able to prosper and open more branches over the few coming years,” Mohammed Belal Abualizz, CEO said on the plans.
“As a rapidly-growing seafood chain in the region, the main force behind our success is our experienced and passionate employees who continuously strive to provide our customers with fresh and tasty seafood delights while ensuring exceptional customer experiences.”
The restaurant brand is a Saudi Arabian chain that specializes in seafood recipes. It offers seafood dishes inspired from a number of cuisines including the French, Spanish, West African and American.
Apart from the UAE, the expansion also includes Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, and Egypt.

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