Sudan arrests a former civilian transition leader

In Sudan, another civil society figure has been arrested: Mohammed al-Fekki was arrested by security forces on Sunday, February 13. He had been a member of the Sovereign Council that ruled the country until the October 25 coup, while two other former members of the institution suffered the same fate last week.
The government continues to target the most influential members of civil society. According to a senior member of his party, the Unionist Alliance, Mohammed al-Fekki was arrested by security forces while driving and taken to an unknown destination.
Mohammed al-Fekki was the youngest member of the Sovereign Council, the flagship body of the transition, until the coup at the end of October, when he had already been detained for several days. He was also a member of the commission charged with recovering property looted by former dictator Omar al-Bashir.
Two other representatives of the same body were arrested this week: Wagdi Salih and Khalid Omar Youssef. The institution had conducted multiple investigations into cases of corruption and embezzlement involving members of the former regime.
However, since the coup, many of the supporters of Omar al-Bashir’s regime have been rehabilitated by General Abdelfattah al-Burhan, the strongman of the current regime.
The head of the armed forces spoke on Saturday, February 12, for the first time since October 25, denying any political aspect behind the arrests, saying they were linked to independent judicial decisions.

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