Dubai international airport slips out of world’s busiest airports in 2020 top 10 list

Dubai’s international airport has been booted out of world’s 10 top busiest airports, Airports Council International (ACI) 2020 report shows.
Ranked third in 2019 report after posting double-digit percentage traffic growth for years, the Emirati airport, is out of the top 10 list dominated by China.
Traffic at Dubai international airport has gone down by 70 per cent to 25.9 million passengers due to the pandemic. Flights numbers also nosedived by 51.4 percent to reach 183,993.
Global travel in 2020 took a hit owing to the pandemic. Most countries around world grounded airlines and imposed restriction measures as part of efforts to curb contamination.
Guangzho Baiyun International Airport emerges as number one in the list up from 11th position in 2019, outclassing Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in the United States which ranked 1st in 2019 but now ranks 2nd.
Full top 10 cities with busiest airports in 2020: Guangzhou (China), Atlanta (United States), Chengdu (China), Dallas/Fort Worth (United States), Shenzhen (China), Beijing (China), Denver (United States), Kunming (China), Shanghai (China), Xi’an (China) .

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