Another train crash in Egypt, 11 people perished

At least 11 people died Sunday in a train accident north of capital Cairo bringing the number of similar tragedies in the Arab republic to three in a month.
At least four of the passenger train’s carriage derailed shortly after its departure from a station in Qalyubia governorate on route to Mansoura, reports say.
Around 98 other people were whisked to hospital after sustaining injuries.
The Sunday accident is the latest in a string of railway crashes in a month in the North African country. On April 15, a train derailed at the Minya al-Qamh station, injuring 15 Passengers.
In March, a speeding passenger train collided with another that had suddenly stopped. The incident left dozens of injured and at least 18 people killed.
Transport Minister Kamel al-Wazir blamed human error as cause of the accident and authorities which promised though sanctions for those responsible of the collision rounded up eight people.
Egypt has witnessed several train accidents in recent history. The deadliest occurred in 2002 when 373 people died in a fire that ripped through a crowded train south of Cairo.

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