Tunisian team win Shell Eco-marathon’s Design Awards first place with electric car

A Tunisian team of 10 engineers have won the first place in “Design Awards” category of Shell Eco-marathon; a world-wide energy efficiency competition sponsored by the energy company.
ENIM Team Tunisia carried the day on April 6 with Tunisia’s first 100 per cent electric car; the great white shark.
The great white shark takes inspiration from nature’s most streamlined animal; white shark, currently on extension. ENIM Team Tunisian stems from National School of Engineers of Monastir and is made of 10 engineers with expertise in electrical engineering, energy and textiles.
They received $1,500 in prize money. “This prize now gives us the opportunity to participate in the consumption race that will take place in London. The winner is the one who presents a prototype with the lowest energy consumption and will have the opportunity to do an internship at Ferrari,” told Webdo Tunis.
126 submissions from 18 countries were registered for the competition dubbed Europe and Africa Off-Track Awards. Shell Eco-marathon is a world-wide energy efficiency competition sponsored by Shell. It targets High School and University Student Teams and provides a collaborative platform to get hands-on experience in achieving ultra-energy-efficiency.

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