Apto Global partners with MenaCare to expand in MENA

Apto Global, the world’s first global adaptation skills platform, has announced a strategic partnership with MenaCare, a full-service business consulting firm focused on the transformation of healthcare delivery and economic development initiatives worldwide.

The business development partnership will assist Apto Global in the expansion of its online applications and strategic consulting services to more than 10 countries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

“Global adaptation skills are in high demand across the MENA region and we’ve had strong interest in healthcare, hospitality, energy and advanced manufacturing sectors including humanitarian aid and refugees assistance to bring a language and culture training solution to the market,” says Traci Snowden, CEO of Apto Global. In recent weeks, Apto Global and MenaCare have conducted introductory meetings in the region with airline companies, real estate developers, universities, health training companies, government officials in the UAE, Oman and Lebanon, as well as embassies and foreign dignitaries in the Washington D.C. area.

Apto Global is the only experiential learning platform that combines training for culture and language with local knowledge. The platform is actively used by learners in more than 134 countries for travel, tourism, relocation and cross-collaboration.

MenaCare CEO, William Kaafarani, says, “The MenaCare team brings extensive knowledge and insights of the local market and a strong network to help Apto introduce its product and services to the MENA region and build a long-term strategy for growth.”

The Apto Global learning platform improves quality of life for relocating internationals and their families to protect and maintain foreign direct investment in communities around the world.

Apto Global learners gain confidence in their new language skills whether on the job, in school or in their community. In addition, international patients have an increased comfort level seeking medical treatment abroad using Apto Global in real-time interactions with doctors so they are clear on medical diagnosis and treatment options.

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