Yemen: Ethiopia offers to mediate conflict

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali has offered to play a mediation role in fixing rivalries between Yemeni warring sides in a conflict where more than 10 million people, mostly civilians, were killed.

“War has no winner. It destroys the homeland, its capabilities and civilization,” Abiy said in a letter addressed to the protagonists according to the Ethiopian state-run news agency.

“War brings only destruction, loss, hatred and riots,” he added.

Abiy’s offer comes as the opposed sides meet in Sweden to attend UN-brokered peace talks.

Houthis arrived Tuesday onboard a Kuwaiti aircraft following a prisoner swap deal and the evacuation of 50 wounded insurgents for treatment in Oman.

Yemen has descended into chaos since 2015 when war broke between Iran-backed Houthi rebels and forces of exiled President Mansour Hadi, backed by a Saudi-led international coalition supported by western powers.

The rebels control vast swathes of the northern part of the country including capital Sanaa.

The war has killed over 10,000 people and displaced millions.

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