Gulf Crisis: ‘GCC summit in Riyadh, window of opportunity to end diplomatic row’- Kuwait

Kuwait has expressed hope that next month summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to be held in Riyadh would help put an end to the ongoing diplomatic crisis that has plagued the grouping since June 2017.

Kuwait’s deputy foreign minister, Khalid al-Jarallah, said the summit will be an opportunity to end the diplomatic rift, reported state-owned news agency, KUNA.

“This summit is a glimpse of hope to revive the efforts of containing the long-standing gulf dispute,” al-Jarallah said.

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain in addition to Egypt, known as the quartet, severed ties with Qatar over its alleged support for terrorism and close relations with Iran.

The boycotting countries also have imposed a sea/air/ground blockade on Qatar.

Doha slammed the accusations saying that they were fabricated and part of a smear campaign.

Kuwait has sought to mediate the crisis, but to no avail. The Gulf country hosted last year the GCC summit but the conference ended as soon as it was opened after both conflicting sides sent low-key profile officials instead of heads of state.

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