Jerusalem: Guatemala joins US in moving embassy to Holy City

The President of Guatemala announced on Sunday his decision to move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The move comes after the Central American country voted against the UN General Assembly motion condemning President Trump’s December 6 decision declaring the disputed city as capital of Israel.

President Jimmy Morales indicated on his facebook account that following talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

he has instructed the country’s ‘chancellor’ to ensure the transfer.

President Trump on December 6 in a statement from the White House declared Jerusalem capital of Israel and announced the transfer of the US mission from Tel Aviv to the Holy City.

The unilateral decision was denounced by a majority of world leaders as violation of the international law defining the city, which is cradle of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Palestinians hope to declare the eastern part of the city capital of their future state while Israel claims it to be eternal part of its history.

Last Thursday, 128 countries at an emergency UN General Assembly meeting condemned Trump’s decision that they deem ‘null and void’.

Nine countries including Guatemala voted against the motion while 32 abstained and 21 refused to take part in the vote.

There are 1,000 Jews living in the Central American country, in a population of 15 million, Times of Israel reports.

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One thought on “Jerusalem: Guatemala joins US in moving embassy to Holy City

  1. Whilst there are about 1000 Jews living well in “the central american country” it is a pity there are no Jews now living in the Gulf States, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Algeria. However, there is a relatively thriving Jewish community in Iran and Morocco. The question of Jews in Turkey is very worrying for them due to the change of government.
    Maybe many readers do not know that in all these countries prior to, say, 1967, their Jewish community lived correctly and in harmony with the majority. In fact their input into the respective economies were far far above their small numbers.
    Just “some food for thought” and I wonder where they all went after expulsion ?

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