Egypt rejects Israeli Minister’s suggestion for establishment of Palestinian State in Sinai

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry Tuesday vigorously chided Israel, rejecting comments by Israeli minister of Social Equity who called for the establishment of the Palestinian state in the Sinai instead of boundaries set by the Oslo accords.

Head of the department, Sameh Shoukry personally conveyed Egypt’s dismay over the comments that he deemed outrageous to Egypt’s sovereignty.

“The Egyptian domestic affairs should not be included in any statements by foreign parties most importantly when these statements touch Egyptian sovereignty,” Shoukry said in a news conference.

“The Egyptian land in Sinai, which was watered with the blood of our sons and martyrs, is not something that can be given away or allowed to be attacked,” he added.

Cairo’s reaction came after Gila Gamliel last week during her visit to Cairo reportedly indicated that Israel could not tolerate the erection of a Palestinian state next to Israel pointing out that the Sinai could be a suitable alternative.

“A Palestinian State is a dangerous idea for the State of Israel,” she was quoted as saying.

“Between the River Jordan and the [Mediterranean] sea there cannot, and must not, arise a Palestinian state.”

“This call could be unacceptable to the international community and to the Arab countries, which are neighbors to Israel, but it is based on our primary and historic right to the land of Israel,” she underscored.

The Israeli government protected itself arguing that the minister’s comments did not reflect the stand of Israel.

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