UAE: Emirates to expand fleet with 100th A380 in November

The Dubai-based Emirates airline will on November 3 receive its 100th A380 underlining by far the airline’s reputation for the super jumbo.

Emirates already operate 98 A380s out of the 140 A380s that have been ordered since 2008 when the airline introduced the aircraft.

Over 80 million passengers have flown with A380 on 45 destinations spanning Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas.

Emirates in November 2015 was the first to introduce the world’s first 2-class configured A380, capable of carrying more passengers than any other commercial aircraft.

The company since 2008 has introduced industrial and technological improvements to its A380 fleet such as onboard lounge and first class shower spa.

The onboard lounge inspired by private yacht cabins can accommodate up to 26 guests for business talks or intimate discussions.

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