KSA: Moscow to deliver military equipment and expertise

Saudi Arabia announced Thursday military deal in which Moscow will deliver its latest S-400 air defense system and transfer expertise to Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI).
Aside from the S-400 air defense system, Riyadh will also buy Kornet anti-tank guided missile systems and multiple rocket launchers
Under the deal signed on the sideline of King Salman’s historic visit, Moscow will also transfer cutting-edge technology to Saudi SAMI technicians for local arm production of the Kornet anti-tank guided missile systems, advanced multiple rocket launchers and automatic grenade launchers, reports say.
Saudi Arabia will also house a local plant for the production of Kalashnikov automatic rifle, including its ammunition alongside with training for Saudi.
The military agreement concurs with a $1bn Fund agreement for energy investment and a $1.1 billion agreement for Russia’s petrochemicals giant Sibur to build a plant in Saudi Arabia signed between the two countries.
King Salman’s is the first Saudi reigning monarch to visit Russia; the US’s top global rival.
Washington and Riyadh inked in May $110 arm deal. Saudi Arabia is the largest buyer of US weapons.

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