UAE: Emirates suspends direct flights to New Zealand over fuel shortage at Auckland Airport

UAE National flagship carrier Emirates has decided not to run flights to Auckland international airport in New Zealand, after local authorities announced cut of all aviation fuel supplies due to technical problems, after the airport oil pipeline was cut off by a log digger Thursday.

The company notes that its aircrafts will stop in Melbourne, Australia, for fuel supply, online media Arabian business reports.

“Emirates flight EK449 operating from Auckland to Dubai between 18-24 September, will stop in Melbourne for refuelling due to the Auckland Airport fuel shortage, which has affected most international airlines,” a spokesperson of the company said.

“Passengers will not be required to disembark in Melbourne.”

Emirates further notes that it took precautions for its passengers who need to reach the New Zealander airport.

All flights coming into Auckland have been advised to carry enough extra fuel to get out of the country, while long-haul flights are being redirected to refuelling stops at other New Zealand or international airports, Arabian Business reports.

Up to 27 flights from Auckland were suspended until Sunday and the restauration of fuel supplies could take between 10 to 14 days.

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