Tunisia: Parliament Approves Commission to Investigate Jihadists’ Recruiting Networks

A general view during a plenary session at the Assembly of People's Representatives in TunisThe Tunisian parliament Tuesday greenlighted the creation of a commission tasked to probe into the networks sending Tunisians to terrorist groups in hotbed conflict zones.

A heated debate on the return of Tunisian foreign fighters from Libya, Syria and Iraq is going on in the North African country, with many voices rising against their homecoming.

Over 5,000 Tunisians according a UN report have been fighting in the ranks of terrorist groups in Syria, Libya and Iraq. The Tunisian state puts the number at 3,000.

The commission to be composed of 22 lawmakers received 132 votes in favor, one against and one abstention. No date for the formation has been released yet.

The commission, notes Leïla Chettaoui, a lawmaker of ruling Nidaa Tounes, will work with the ministries of justice, interior and defense.

For the lawmaker who is also Vice-President of the parliament defense committee, the new commission will attempt to disclose internal and external parties involved in the indoctrination and enrolment of Tunisian citizens in terror groups.

Speaking to French AFP, Chettaoui, who is behind the commission proposal, indicated that she meant by parties States, Organizations, NGOs, Tunisian or foreign religious figures.

The move could stir political tension, analysts say.

The Parliament largest party, the Islamist Ennahdha, which was part of the Troika that ruled the country between 2011 and 2014, has been under fire for condoning the exodus of Tunisians to hotbed conflict zones.

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