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Egypt is backing Darfur rebels, President al-Bashir

Sudan has accused neighboring Egypt of fuelling the crisis in the Darfur region by providing support to the rebel group. President Omar al-Bashir, at a ceremony honoring retired army officers Tuesday in Khartoum, said the Sudanese forces have seized “armored vehicles and a large number of military vehicles and machinery” and that the armored vehicles […]

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Tunisia: Alert as protester dies at peaceful demonstration

The situation in Tunisia has become fragile after a protester was ‘accidentally’ killed when a vehicle driven by members of the National Guard overran him according to the Interior and Health ministries. The incident is being described as an accident by the officials, while protesters claim the victim was deliberately crushed. The ‘accident’ occurred as […]

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Turkey: US envoy summoned over security lapses, misconducts during Erdogan’s visit

Ankara Monday officially rebuked Washington as it summoned its ambassador for what the Turkish foreign ministry termed as “the inability of US authorities to take sufficient precautions at every stage of the official program” during the Turkish President’s visit to the White House last week. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s May 16 visit to the white House, […]

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Iran: Rouhani hits back at Trump, pledging to continue ballistic missile enrichment

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani Monday responded to US President Donald Trump’s bash on Iran pointing out that the US will never prevent Iran from continuing its ballistic missile program. “The Iranian nation has decided to be powerful. Our missiles are for peace and for defence … American officials should know that whenever we need to […]

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US-Israel bonds are unbreakable, Trump says

President Donald Trump who has been very supportive of Israel during his presidential campaign reaffirmed Monday that the ties existing between the United States and Israel are “unbreakable”. President Trump, who arrived in Israel on Monday from Saudi Arabia on his maiden foreign trip as President, said “I have come to this sacred and ancient […]

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Riyadh holds counter-terrorism forum during Trump’s visit

The Saudi capital Riyadh hosts Sunday a forum on global partnership to fight terrorism as President Donald Trump visits the kingdom to bolster cooperation between the US and Gulf countries. Experts from over 40 countries will discuss the nature, forms and influence of fundamentalism, the future of terrorism and the role of social media, the […]

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Moroccan diplomat physically assaulted by Algerian official, Rabat demands apologies

Morocco has officially demanded that Algeria makes an apology for the assault by a senior Algerian official of a Moroccan diplomat during a UN meeting Thursday and vehemently denounced the act as very serious. Deputy Chief of Mission at the Moroccan embassy in Castries (Saint Lucia), Mohamed Ali El Khamlichi, has been physically assaulted by […]

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US-Turkey: Trump assures Erdogan “ties are still good” despites divergences

US President Donald Trump Wednesday vowed fidelity to ties with Turkey saying that Washington will remain on the side of Ankara against outlawed Kurdish groups. President Trump was speaking at a joint press conference with visiting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who was at the White House to seek American clarification on plans to arm […]

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Atlantic Gas Pipeline Project Heads towards Materialization

The Morocco-Nigeria landmark project to lay an Atlantic gas pipeline that will carry Nigerian gas through six West African countries up to Morocco and eventually to Europe is heading towards materialization with the signing Monday of new agreements related to the project. The agreements were signed in Rabat under the chairmanship of King Mohammed VI […]

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Palestine: Hamas says Mazen Faqha’s killer received orders from Israel

The Hamas movement controlling the Gaza Strip announced Thursday it captured the killer of leader Mazen Faqha, adding that Israel was the mastermind of the killing. Newly elected political leader of the movement Ismail Haniyeh said at a press conference that the killer, whose name was not revealed, has been captured and is in the […]

May 12th, 2017 | Posted in Headlines,World News | Read More »

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