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UN Report Accuses Saudi Arabia, Iran of Violations in Yemen

A UN confidential report accused both Saudi Arabia and Iran of protracting the crisis in Yemen through their involvement in arming warring parties in the impoverished country. The report, issued by a UN panel, noted that Iran violated an arms embargo imposed on Yemen by failing to prevent the Houthi rebels in that war-ravaged nation […]

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Egypt: Late leader Anwar Sadat’s nephew bows out of presidential race

Mohammed Anwar Sadat, nephew of the Egyptian assassinated leader, Monday said he would not run for March presidential poll, arguing that the climate surrounding the future elections does not guarantee “equal opportunities”. The former MP who bears the same name as his uncle told the press in Cairo that he also chose to abandon his […]

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Palestinian Authority to Suspend Recognition of Israel

The Palestinian Liberation Organization’s central council has authorized its executive committee and President Mahmoud Abbas to cease recognition of Israel and stop security cooperation until Israel recognizes the Palestinian state, cancels East Jerusalem annexation and stops settlements. “[The Central Council] decided to assign the PLO Executive Committee with suspending recognition of Israel until Israel recognizes […]

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Abbas slams Trump’s likely peace plan excluding Jerusalem as ‘slap of the century’

The leader of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Sunday said US President Donald Trump’s peace plan to come but without Jerusalem as part of discussions is the ‘slap of the century’ adding that Palestinians will not take part in the talks. “We told Trump we will not accept his project,” Mahmoud Abbas said at the opening […]

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Lebanon: Israel deflects accusations of bomb attack on Hamas figure

The Israeli intelligence and defense ministries have rejected Hamas accusations that Israel was behind the bomb attack against one of its figures in Lebanon, who had been wounded in a car-bomb blast in the Lebanese city of Sidon. Mohamed Hamdan, a low key official of the Palestinian Hamas movement living in Lebanon, reportedly sustained slight […]

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Turkey Expresses Concern at Setting up of US-backed Kurdish Border Force

Turkey has expressed concern at the creation of an US-backed Kurdish border force in the area east of the Euphrates river controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a majority Kurdish area . The 30,000 men-strong force will be deployed at the borders of the area controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), made mostly of […]

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Trump Maintains Obama-era Nuclear Deal with Iran

US President Donald Trump has approved the 2015 nuclear deal by waiving a set of sanctions against Iran, but warned European allies and Congress it will be the last such waiver he signs if they fail to agree to radical changes to the agree-ment. He gave European allies four months to agree to a stricter […]

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Lebanese Sunni PM Voices Support for Hezbollah Despite Saudi Pressure

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri made a U-turn on his party’s alliance with Saudi Arabia by showing support for Iran-backed Hezbollah. After announcing a shock resignation last November from Riyadh, blaming Iran for interfering Lebanese domestic affairs, Hariri defied the Saudis by withdrawing his decision to step down in December while voicing support for government […]

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Turkey: ISIS ‘agriculture minister’, other fighters arrested

Turkish Security forces have nabbed Friday several fighters of the Islamic State group (IS), including the group’s minister of agriculture. Ten members of the jihadist group have been rounded up in central Kayseri province by local counterterrorism agents. One of the detainees is allegedly the group’s agriculture minister, reported Anadolu News Agency, citing an anonymous […]

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Israeli Opposition Leader Says Saudi Arabia Should Administer Religious Sites in Jerusalem

Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog suggested that Saudi Arabia could take responsibility for administering Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem in any peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. In an interview with Saudi-funded news website Elaph, the Knesset member and former leader of the Israeli Labor Party said “Saudi Arabia could play a big role […]

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