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Western Mediterranean Forum Commends Role of Al Quds Committee under Chairmanship of King of Morocco

The 14th Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Western Mediterranean Forum, commonly referred to as 5+5 Dialogue, commended the role played by Al Quds Committee, under the chairmanship of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, in preserving the identity of Jerusalem and its character as an open city to the followers of all revealed religions. In […]

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Iraq: German woman put on death row over links to ISIS

A German woman of Moroccan origin is on the verge of being hanged after a, Iraqi court condemned her to death for colliding with the Islamic State group (IS) to carry out crimes. The woman, according to the court spokesman Abdel Settar Bayraqdar, has been found guilty of providing “logistical support and help to the […]

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Saudi Arabia to Build Nine Desalination Plants Worth $530 million

Saudi Arabia’s Environment Minister Abdulrahman al-Fadhli unveiled plans to build nine desalination plants on the Red Sea coast for a total cost of $530 million. The Saudi official said, on Twitter, that the plants will be ready in 18 months with a total daily capacity of 240,000 cubic meters of water. The project, which the […]

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Turkey Sends Ground Troops to Kurdish Afrin

Turkey said it has started a ground incursion of the Kurdish-held territory of Afrin in northwestern Syria in an attempt to block the US-backed SDF Kurdish-Arab coalition from creating an independent state. The ground offensive, called “Olive Branche,” comes after Turkish jets shelled the city of Afrin, a stronghold of the YPG Kurdish forces in […]

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Trump says he shares Moroccan King’s views on importance of Jerusalem for Monotheist religions

US President Donald Trump has affirmed in a message to King Mohammed VI of Morocco that he shares his views regarding the importance of the holy city of Jerusalem for the followers of the three monotheist religions. “Jerusalem is and must remain a place where Jews pray at the Western Wall, where Christians walk the […]

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BP Taps into Kirkuk’s Oil Fields

British Petroleum (BP) signed a memorandum of understanding to increase the flow of oil from the oil fields of Kirkuk, in the country’s north. BP has been asked by the Iraqi oil ministry to boost production capacity from the field to more than 700,000 barrels per day (bpd), after it was reclaimed by Baghdad from […]

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Turkey Shells Kurdish Afrin after Russian Observers Left

Turkey has acted on its threats to hit the Kurdish stronghold of Afrin on the borders in Northwestern Syria in a bid to in-timidate the US-backed SDF Kurdish-Arab coalition, which seeks to declare independence. The shelling took place after a deal was struck between Tur-key and Russia providing for the withdrawal of some 180 Rus-sian […]

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KSA: All-women film starring Lindsay Lohan in arrangement for end of year

A film to shed light on the kingdom’s ongoing pro-women reform will be shot late this year and will star 31-year old US movie actress Lindsay Lohan who has been championing Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman-led reforms. The film titled Frame will be directed by Abu Dhabi filmmaker Nancy Paton, reports say. Paton told United […]

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UAE: Emirates keeps Airbus A380 program afloat with new 36-aircraft order

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines announced Thursday it reached a deal with Airbus for the acquisition of 36 A380s, few days after the firm said it was considering terminating the production line of the double-decker aircraft if the Emirati carrier does not place an order. The deal is estimated at $16 billion for 20 firm orders and […]

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Kuwait: Philippines to ban house workers export over abuses reports

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Thursday floated a possible ban on the export of house workers to Kuwait arguing that his country will no longer stand aside and watch Filipino women commit suicide because of abuses they endure during their work stay. “I do not want a quarrel with Kuwait. I respect their leaders but they […]

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