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Iran: “Terrorist Baghdadi is definitely dead,”

The killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State, has been confirmed by Ali Shirazi. The representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei’s to the Revolutionary Guards – Quds Force was speaking to online news site Asr-e Iran when he stated that the death of the extremist group’s caliph has been verified […]

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Libya: UN Security Council adopts new resolution on Libya

The U.N. Security Council unanimously adopted a new resolution, 2362, authorizing the checking of high sea vessels suspected of smuggling Libyan oil while extending the weapon embargo, other sanctions that impose travel bans and the freezing of assets. The resolution does not however prevent Libyan authorities from requesting military supplies to continue the fight against […]

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Egypt: Fuel prices increase by 55% to 100%

Fuel and energy prices in Egypt have increased significantly on Thursday as the country deals with its economic and financial crisis triggered by the mass protests that brought an end to the government of Hosni Mubarak and a coup d’état to Mohamed Morsi. An increase in prices was expected following the $12 billion loan from […]

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Morocco-Netherlands: Drug dealer and Rif revolt backer to be tried home

Drug dealer and bi-national Saïd Chaou will be tried in Morocco for the crimes he committed, Moroccan foreign ministry said after announcing Thursday the arrest of the trafficker by Dutch authorities and his likely deportation to Rabat. Dutch authorities’ reluctance to nab Chaou despite international arrest warrants pressed against him for drug trafficking by Moroccan […]

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Hamas thaws ties with Cairo with buffer zone along Southern border

Hamas movement ruling the Gaza Strip began Wednesday construction of a safe area at its border with Egypt as part of agreements for rapprochement between the Islamist movement and Cairo. The new buffer area will stretch on 12 kilometers, along the Southern border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. The close-of military zone will be […]

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Mideast: US UN envoy vows to oppose appointment of Palestinian officials to UN senior position

US permanent envoy to the United Nations pledged ironclad friendship to Israel noting that she will vehemently oppose the appointment of any Palestinian official for a UN senior position because Washington does not recognize Palestine as a “state”. Nikki Haley, during a hearing Tuesday before the House Appropriations, State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee, said she […]

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Kuwait: figures on Saudi-led coalition-authored blacklist banned from entry

Kuwait has joined Qatar-boycotting countries as it bans individuals named on the bloc’s terror list from entering its territory. The move, according local media Al-Rai, is meant to avoid political and diplomatic embarrassment with the other Gulf Cooperation Council members. Some of the blacklisted were already banned from entering Kuwait, but the ban will now […]

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Gulf Crisis: UAE announces new economic sanctions against Qatar

Saudi-led bloc is mulling new sanctions against already isolated Qatar with trading partners to be asked to choose between the coalition and the tiny emirate, United Arab Emirates (UAE) ambassador to Moscow told The Guardian in London Wednesday. Omar Ghobash said the bloc can slap new sanctions on Qatar after they handed Doha, last Friday, […]

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Syria: Assad visits Russian airbase in Latakia

President Bashar al-Assad paid a maiden visit to the Khmeymim airbase in the Latakia province in what could be dubbed as a familiarization tour of the weaponry being used by the Russian air force helping his government repel attacks from rebel and terrorist groups. The Syrian president paid tribute to the Russian forces as he […]

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Gulf Crisis: Saudi Arabia, allies cling to demands, Qatar rejects them as unrealistic

Saudi Foreign Minister Tuesday said Qatar needs to comply with the demands submitted to it before the sea, air and land blockades are lifted, underscoring that the demands are non-negotiable and that Doha knows what to do. Adel Jubeir, who was on a visit to Washington, rejected calls urging for reconsidering some demands deemed unrealistic. […]

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