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Safeguarding Stability Requires Mobilization, Vigilance, Says King Mohammed VI

At a regional context marked by turmoil and at a time conspiracies against Morocco are increasing, King Mohammed VI has called for more mobilization and vigilance and for coordination between security departments, at home and abroad. “At a time of mounting security challenges and increasing conspiracies hatched against our country, I call for more mobilization […]

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Turkey: Erdogan brings Military and Intelligence services under his direct order

President Erdogan has brought the armed forces and the national intelligence agency under his direct control as the crackdown continues after the failed coup d’état on July 15. More than 10,000 people have been arrested and detained by security forces and the government has extended its efforts to other countries to help in its crackdown. […]

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Syria: Al-Nusra front changes name and ends affiliation with al-Qaeda

Al Nusra Front is no longer affiliated to the al-Qaeda network or to “any external entity” according to a video message by Abu Mohammad al-Golani, leader of the group, on Thursday. Henceforth, the Syrian based group that emerged during the early days of war against Assad’s regime baptized itself as Jabhat Fath al-Sham (The front […]

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UAE: Changing your IP address equals a more $0,5m fine under new law

United Arab Emirates as part of efforts to boost its security as well as monitor activities on the web has announced a law that makes the use of VPNs’ or secure proxy service that change IP addresses as an offence warranting between $136,130 and $544,521 fine together with spending some time behind bars. The law […]

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Yemen: Ansar Allah signs agreement with Saleh’s party creating supreme political council

The Yemeni peace talks in Kuwait have hit rock-bottom after the Houthi Movement’s political wing, Ansar Allah, and General People’s Congress (GPC), of former president Abdellah Saleh, reached an agreement to form a 10-man supreme political council that would “mange state affairs politically, militarily, economically, administratively, socially and in security.” The head of the Yemeni […]

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Morocco Nabs 52 Isis Suspects In Wide Anti-terror Operation

Moroccan authorities have announced this Wednesday the arrest of 52 Islamic State suspects who were planning terror attacks in the North African kingdom. The Isis militants were captured in an impressive anti-terror operation launched by the Moroccan security services which seized weapons and bomb-making materials. The 52 arrested were among 143 people investigated in many […]

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Morocco Receives 1st Batch of US Abrams Tanks

Morocco, US major ally in the North Africa and Middle East, has received the 1st batch of US made- M1A1 Abrams tanks after the approval by the US Congress of the arms sale deal passed with the North African country. The deal includes the tanks’ associated parts, equipment, logistical support, personnel training, radio systems and […]

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Israel: EU and USA Concerned about Israel’s Latest Settlement Plans

Within a week, Israeli authorities have announced the planned construction of more than 1000 housing units in the occupied Palestinian territories prompting condemnation from the EU and the US. Jerusalem’s Major, Nik Barkat, said the plans “are not new, and were approved three years ago” and the latest action concerned “technical details of plot distribution […]

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Syria: Kurdish Capital Attack, a Revenge for Manjib, IS

Qamishli, referred to as the capital of self-declared autonomous Kurdish state on Syrian territory, suffered its first major attack with a truck bomb that killed at least 40 people and injured more than a 100. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack as “a response to the crimes committed by the crusader coalition aircraft” […]

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KSA: Saudi Delegation Visit to Israel, Contrary to Government Stand

The visit of a former Saudi military general together with a delegation of academics and businessmen to Israel has been described as an isolated event by an unnamed governmental official. The visit “does not reflect the views of the Saudi government,” the official was quoted by al-Hayat newspaper as saying, while reports emanating from Israel […]

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