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Egypt: energy woes could be history after “supergiant” oilfield discovery

The Mediterranean “largest ever” offshore natural gas field has been discovered within the perimeter of the Shorouk Block in Egypt at a depth of 4,757feet by Italian energy company, Eni. The discovery made under the Zohr project is expected to put an end to the country’s energy concerns as was the case over the past couple of […]

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Oman: Islamic banking sector to be around 15-17% by 2020, Bank Nizwa CEO

Oman’s banking sector is expected to register a significant growth in the Islamic banking sector by 2020 according to the chief executive officer of Bank Nizwa Dr Jamil El Jaroudi. Islamic banks have registered important growths against conventional banks in almost all domains and Jaroudi is confident that it will account for around 15-17% of […]

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Lebanon: countdown to Tuesday You Stink ultimatum

Protests in Lebanon have reached a new stage after the main organizers, You Stink movement, announced a 72hour ultimatum for the government to reach a sustainable solution to the garbage crisis, for Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk to resign and for the organization of new parliamentary elections. Since the protests started last week, the government has […]

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Kuwait: Iran, a true regional enemy with domination plans, Senior Kuwaiti MP

The fragile diplomatic ties between Tehran and Kuwait City that were marred with tensions last week may reach new levels after Hamad al-Harashani, head of the foreign relations committee at the Kuwaiti parliament, said Iran is the “true enemy” of the Gulf States and it is determined to “swallow” them up with their resources. A gas field situated between the continental shelf […]

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KSA: Saudi women make history as election board registers women voters, candidates

The conservative Saudi kingdom is witnessing a historic human rights advance as the kingdom allowed women to register as voters and candidates for the coming December municipal elections. Until 2011 women were banned from voting. The change came when the late Saudi King Abdallah granted women the right to vote and stand for electoral positions […]

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The two French journalists’ racket, a matter of mere cupidity or a case with hidden purposes?

Four days after the case of blackmail and extortion against Morocco and its King broke out and after the two French journalists acknowledged during their custody that they asked for money to cancel the publishing of a polemical book on Morocco, French and Moroccan media and analysts are still wondering on the mobile of such […]

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Iraqi, Syrian artifacts on sale in Western market, FBI suspects IS

The ongoing ‘jihad’ of the militants of the Islamic State (IS) against cultural artifacts and infrastructure considered as idolatrous, with some dating back to more than two millenniums such as the 2,700-year-old Assyrian capital of Khorsabad, has raised concerns after the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) warned that it has “credible reports” that […]

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Bahrain: Ex-al Wefaq MP allegedly linked to terrorist groups’ funding

Former Bahraini Member of Parliament Hassan Eisa Marzooq of the al Wefaq party has been accused of funding the terrorist group that carried out the bus bombing in Sitra which killed two policemen. The accusation was announced by the country’s Terror Crime Prosecution Advocate General Ahmad Al Hammadi who only referred to him as a […]

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Yemen: Pro-Hadi forces ready to attack Sana’a within few weeks, FM Yassin

As militia groups backed by the Saudi-led coalition tighten their grip in Yemen, foreign minister Riad Yassin has ruled out talks with the Houthi Movement and their allies unless they lay down their arms. The country could be witnessing its most intense battle since the war started as pro-Hadi forces prepare for a major crackdown […]

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US-KSA: King Salman expected in Washington next week for his maiden state visit

King Salman of Saudi Arabia will be making his first visit to the White House on September 4 at the invitation of President Obama to discuss high level issues related to the situation in the Middle East, Saudi and American diplomatic sources confirmed. King Salman who boycotted few months ago Obama’s invitation to Gulf leaders […]

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