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Qatar provides Palestine millions to revive economy

Qatar has come to the aid of the Palestinians with a multimillion dollar package to revive the economy which has shrunk for the first time in 10 years. Public services have been shut off and salaries have been unpaid for a while because the authorities in Gaza are out of funds. The Palestinian Authority depends […]

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Yemen announces major progress with UN backing

The political transition in Yemen is making positive advances and the UN through is Security Council is willing to contribute into making it successful. The ongoing national dialogue has been criticized in certain quarters especially in the south and among Al-Qaeda linked militants in the country.  The economy has been badly damaged by the crisis. […]

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Iran “will never stop” enrichment

As celebrations in some quarters over the conclusion of an agreement with Iran continue, President Rouhani has reminded those against their nuclear program that they “will continue” their enrichment program and “will never stop” during his speech marking his 100 days as president. Countries forming UN’s permanent Security Council members plus Germany reached an agreement […]

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Bahrain applauds Iranian deal

Bahrain is among the first countries in the Middle East to hail the Iranian nuclear agreement as a step in the right direction much to the dismay of other countries blatantly against it.The acclamation was made by its Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa during a joint press conference in Manama with the […]

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Kuwait: efforts to bridge the relationships between Qatar and KSA

Sources close to Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah of Kuwait have disclosed that efforts are being made to bridge the relationships between Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ties between the two became tense when Morsi was removed from power in a military operation. Supporters of Morsi term it as a military coup d’état […]

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KSA welcomes resources of energy supplies

Saudi Arabia seems unfazed by the forecast of the World Oil Outlook’s annual report that the demand for oil produced by the 12 members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will fall by 2018. The rise in production of shale gas and oil coupled with the increasing interest in renewable sources of […]

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Former U.S. Ambassadors Urge Obama to Rev Up Morocco Reforms

Morocco, major US ally in North Africa, has weathered the chaos of the Arab Spring by further advancing its own reforms and making significant progress on human rights, says a group of former U.S. ambassadors who served in the North African nation for years under Republican and Democratic administrations. In a letter sent to US […]

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Iran: the embassy attack in Lebanon

Two explosions rocked the Iranian embassy in Lebanon and the attack is being critically reviewed as Tehran suspects that foreign elements played a role. The attack has been claimed by Abdullah Azzam Brigades, Lebanese based group linked to Al-Qaeda, and boasts that more will follow. Iran’s cultural attaché, Ebrahim Ansari, was killed in the attack. […]

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GCC: Lufthansa dominating Gulf and Middle East skies

German airline, Lufthansa, is enjoying a rampant growth in the Gulf and the Middle East and the trend is expected to continue. Although the year has not ended, the airline has already registered a 10% growth of customers in the sub-region compared to last year. The arrivals of bigger aeroplanes are expected to increase the […]

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Qatar moves closer to making military service obligatory

Qatar has moved a step closer towards making military service for its citizens an obligation after the approval of a draft law by the cabinet. The law is being promoted as a mean of defending the country by ensuring a sufficient reserve force for the military. Statistics from the International Institute for Strategic Studies claim […]

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