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UAE recalls Ambassador to settle Tunisia scores

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has strongly responded to President Merzouki’s statements directed at Egypt at the United Nations General Assembly. It recalled its ambassador from Tunis and claimed that the Islamist led coalition government is “forcing a certain model which fails to reflect the true nature of the Tunisian society.” President Merzouki called on […]

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Syria: Security Council votes while rebels reject representatives

The Syrian dossier has been one of the most talked about issue at the UN General Assembly 2013. The US and Russia have agreed on the conditions to destroy Assad’s nuclear armament and the Security Council is expected to vote on the draft resolution on Friday. Inside Syria, another major setback has taken place for […]

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Iraq-Iran: regional security system against enemies

Iraq and Iran have discussed of reinforcing their bilateral cooperation especially at security levels. The issue was discussed behind closed doors between Iraq’s Defense Minister Sadun Farhan Al-Dulaymi and Iran’s First Vice president Eshaq Jahangiri. The outcome has been considered as positive. Minister Al-Dulaymi described his visit as part of efforts for the “consolidation and […]

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Palestine/ Israel: Hamas could promote calm and tranquility between the two countries

Southern Command, Chief Major General Sami Turgeman, said during a television interview that only Hamas could oversee Israel’s security interests and calm in Gaza. Despite their differences, the military official acknowledged that only the presence and authority of Hamas in the area could promote calm and tranquility between them. Hamas forced Fatah out of the […]

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Hezbollah conscious of “dangerous consequences for Lebanon”

After a month since it was accused of receiving chemical weapons from Assad, Hezbollah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has in a televised interview refuted the claims as bogus because of the repercussions it will have on Lebanon. Israeli intelligence said it is aware that the group is interested in other weapons and ammunitions from Syria […]

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Iran gets 1,000 megawatts nuclear station temporary control

Iran was parading its homemade defensive equipment to as part of celebrations to mark the beginning of the Week of Sacred Defense before Russia hands over the Bushehr nuclear power plant on Monday. United Nations will be holding its General Assembly very soon and Israel’s Defense Minister has warned that President Rouhani will be deceiving […]

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US believes Iranian diplomacy opportunity is “right now”

Since Hassan Rowhani won the elections in Iran, he has been adopting a much more moderate approach than his predecessor; Ahmadinejad. He revealed during an interview with the NBC, a television channel in the USA, that his country had no intentions to pursue the fabrication of a nuclear weapon, and was willing a major role […]

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Qatar’s 2022 World Cup under jeopardy

Since Qatar was awarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it has under immense criticism over the possibilities of hosting such a month long global event in its harsh conditions. The latest developments surrounding it are FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s revelation that Qatar was awarded the world cup due to European leaders’ political recommendations. The world […]

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Gaza’s building material restriction

An Israeli military official under the condition of anonymity has revealed that the Jewish State will be increasing the number of allowed trucks carrying building materials into the Gaza Strip to 350 per week from 100.  The decision came after a request from President Mahmoud Abbas was approved by the Israeli authorities. The restriction was […]

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KSA: Saudi Arabia planning Tunisian government coup d’état

Reports are emerging that the mastermind and Chief of Saudi Arabia’s spy ring, Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who was active in the ousting of President Morsi in Egypt is working on plans to carry out a similar plan in Tunisia. The former President of Tunsia, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, is […]

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