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Iran vies for important UN committee post

Tehran has confirmed that it will be vying for the position of rapporteur in the United Nations General Assembly’s First Committee for its 68th session. It will be challenged by another regional country for the post, Kuwait. Iran’s bid to occupy such an important post has been criticized by Israel and the United States. Campaign […]

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Lebanon: EU’s labeled Hezbollah as a terrorist group

Following the EU’s decision to brand Hezbollah as a terrorist group, the head of the group’s international relations, Ammar Moussawi, held a closed door meeting with the EU’s ambassador, Angelina Eichhorst, in Lebanon to discuss the issue. Hezbollah has not welcomed the decision because it considers its armed section as a resistance group. On Monday, […]

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Turkey: Recession ahead

Barely a week after the reassurance of investors by Prime Minister Erdogan with regards to their capital’s safety in Turkey, Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek has stated that the economic growth will be downgraded due to decisions made in the United States and the commercial activities in the Eurozone. After a turbulent experience, Turkey emerged as […]

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KSA: Creation of the Competition Council for fair competition law

The promotion of fair competition has taken a new turn in Saudi Arabia after the Council of Ministers gave a positive nod to the new law. In the same vein, the organization tasked with overseeing competitive fairness has been renamed and its members have been reshuffled, while its structure was also reviewed to easily adapt […]

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UAE reinforces its intelligence satellites

The United Arab Emirates has taken a bold move towards developing its surveillance and monitoring capabilities by concluding a deal worth almost a billion dollars with Astrium, the space division of European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS). The deal is considered by France to be a new era of their relationships with the Gulf […]

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Israel uses virtual embassies in the GCC

Israel has followed the path of United States foreign policy on the Middle East, by opening a “virtual embassy” called Israel in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on twitter four days ago. The account is dedicated to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain; and it’s aimed at […]

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Egypt: Anti-Morsi groups increase their demands

Chaos could be far from being over, after the Tamarod campaign and the 30th June Front, groups behind the major demonstrations which led to ousting of Morsi by the Army, declared that they are uneasy with the roadmap presented by the Army. They have called for the Army’s Constitutional Declaration to be sidelined, and urge […]

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Iran prepares for nuclear contamination exercise

Iran will be holding exercises aimed at preparing itself for any eventual nuclear contamination incident, a few days after Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned that Tehran’s nuclear program is “edging up to the red line.” The training exercises will be held in the next two months according to the Head of Passive Defense Organization, […]

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Jordan: Kerry’s visit suffers from setbacks

John Kerry has arrived in Amman for another round of talks to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, his trip seems to be poorly timed as the European Union decides to hijack funds for Israeli projects, sending mixed feelings to the parties. Secretary of State Kerry will be meeting separately with the Jordanian King, his Foreign […]

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MENA: Antibiotics overdose killing GCC citizens

Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia have conducted a study on Middle Eastern Gulf Sates, alerting them that some medical and unhygienic practices have led to a swift growth in superbugs, which are bacterium with the capacity to resist antibiotic treatment. The research is one of the first systematic studies on antibiotic-resistant bacteria […]

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