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Palestine/Israel: Tax Income, a Due or a Means of leverage

When Palestine was granted the status of non member observer state at the United Nations in November, Israel decided to withhold the tax and customs duties collected for the Palestinians and that are normally transferred to the Palestinian Authority on a monthly basis. Israel explained then that it was seizing the funds because the Palestinians […]

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KSA: a new gender segregation barrier

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, laws and regulations are becoming stricter concerning gender segregation in public areas. The most recent of such measures consisted in ordering all stores that employ men and women to construct a separation wall in the middle of the shop and thus erect a barrier between the two genders. The […]

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Kuwait: how much is enough to write off citizens’ debts?

Between 2002 and 2008, many Kuwaiti nationals contracted heavy debts but were in no position to refund the banks. As many citizens found themselves in bankruptcy because of these debts, the issue was brought up in parliament. The committee of economic and financial affairs voted unanimously a bill that would write-off the debt or grant […]

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UAE: Indian and Pakistani schools rated

The results for the 2012-2013 inspection cycles at Indian and Pakistani schools in the United Arab Emirates were released by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The inspection results showed that students attending these Asian schools have good attitude towards learning and that the syllabi and teaching methods respect heritage and culture. However, the […]

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Qatar Targets Libyan Bank Acquisition

Masraf Al Rayan, Qatar’s largest Islamic lender by market value, is seeking shareholders’ approval to buy a strategic stake in a Libyan commercial bank through a capital increase without naming the target entity in a released statement. Masraf Al Rayan says it wants to finance the purchase of the stake through a capital increase and […]

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Egypt: Port Said Deadly Clashes Prompt State of Emergency

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in the cities of Port Said, Suez and Ismalia after four days of violent unrest and growing deadly riots, threatening the country’s stability. Nearly 40 people died and more than 630 were injured in Port Said in clashes triggered by a […]

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Israel: Netanyahu will remain PM, but with smaller mandate

The long awaited Israeli election was held this Tuesday with a surprising turnout. With a record of 55.5% of Israel’s 5.6 million eligible voters, this year’s election might have closer results than expected. Binyamin Netanyahu remains prime minister by renewing his term but the fact that so many of the voters were supporters of rival […]

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Jordan: preparations for change?

This month of January seems to be one of elections in the Middle East regions. After the elections held in Israel on Tuesday it is going to be Jordan’s turn on Wednesday. This event will be closely followed by all Arab countries due to the unsettling that has been happening since the Arab spring. King […]

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UAE: warm welcome for the champions

For the UAE this year’s Gulf Cup has been a tournament that brought them great joy and satisfaction. They have succeeded into winning the Cup on Friday by a 2-1 victory over Iraq. The finals had been awaited by many Emiratis citizens and fans even got the chance to assist the game in Bahrain since […]

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Qatar: job insecurity for CAN-Q employees

The College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) has been providing its services to run Qatar campus since 2002. Thus it is the government of Newfoundland and Labrador that gets paid for allowing this school to function properly because of a 10-year contract that was made between Qatar and the Canadian province. When this […]

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