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Spanish company wins $800m Saudi deal

Spanish oil engineering company Tecnicas Reunidas has won an $800m deal to build part of a petrochemical complex in Saudi Arabia. The deal for the Chem-III project, in the Jubail Industrial City II, was awarded to the Spanish company by the Saudi Sadara Chemical Company, a joint venture between Saudi Arabian Oil and the Dow […]

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Qatar eyes 200 tanks from Germany

News is circulating that Qatar is thinking of purchasing up to 200 tanks from Germany at an estimated price tag of almost 2 billion Euros. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has already given a green light to the deal according to reports as the deal is believed to be in its late stages. The Leopard-2 tanks […]

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Qatar Buys 24 PC-21 Military Training Panes

The Qatari government has purchased 24 Swiss-made PC-21 military training planes for its newly created air force academy looking forward to provide world-class training for young pilots. The deal worth over $600 million includes advanced ground-based training tools, logistical support and maintenance. The PC-21 trainer aircraft is a single-engine turboprop with a tandem cockpit. It […]

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Yemen: Shipment begins after 9 months pause

Despite the military combats going on in the southern part of the country and the recent occupation of the premises of the interior minister, Yemen’s economy has received a boost as it delivers it first oil shipment from the Maarib pipeline. The shipment from the pipeline to the Aden refinery will ease the burden of […]

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Iran warns Turkey of harsh response

As Turkey continues to intensify its military and arms presence on the border it shares with Syria, Iran has raised its voice to show that it is monitoring events between the two neighbors. In a move to redress Turkey’s actions, Iran has warned that any assault on its ally territory will result to an armed […]

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Morocco calls for Gulf investment funds

On Throne day, the kingdom’s King marked the 13th anniversary by delivering a speech in honour of the occasion; and challenging the current government to attract sovereign funds from the countries in the Gulf as the region’s economy experiences hard times. The ongoing crisis in the euro zone and this season’s drought has caused a […]

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Tunisia: companies’ stakes for sale

Six companies seized by the Tunisian government from relatives and close aides of the former regime will have their shares sold. Six companies are part of a whole lot of companies and assets seized from 114 people. The announcement of the sales came after mounting pressure on the government to ease the expenses of the […]

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Turkey could strike PKK in Syria

Prime Minister Erdogan has warned that his country’s defense forces will not hesitate to launch an attack on Syria’s Kurdish region as he accuses his former ally of giving room to Turkey’s Kurdish rebels for their operations. Syrian forces were withdrawn from principal Kurdish towns in a bid to defend Aleppo, therefore giving the control […]

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MENA infrastructure, construction market, among world’s most attractive

The infrastructure and construction market in the Middle East-North African region is among the world’s most attractive owing to its size, and forecasting figures predict a total of $ 4.3 trillion will be invested in construction projects across the MENA region by 2020, according to a BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research report. These monies are […]

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Kuwait to Get 60 Patriot Missiles

The Kuwaiti army has ordered 60 advanced Patriot missiles from the Unites States to reinforce its air defense system amid growing regional tensions and Iranian nuclear threats. According to the US defense security cooperation agency, the $4.2 billion deal includes PAC-3 missiles, associated radars, engagement control & launching stations, electric power plants, communication and power […]

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