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Sudan: Tensions keep on rising

Border demarcation has been a problem between Sudan and South Sudan since the latter gained its independence. However, oil fields along the border have giving birth to difficulties in separating the two sides especially when it comes to the town of Abyei. Both countries claim it to be part of their territory which led to […]

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Lebanon / Israel: Works get underway amid airspace violations

Preparatory works have begun for the wall to be built between the state of Israel and Lebanon which will be coordinated by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). The wall will be built on the border between the two countries. They have their military posts just meters away from each other along the […]

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Oman: Improving the health sector

To upgrade the health sector and the services it offers, the Council of Ministers at their last meeting decided that there has to be a review of certain aspects pertaining to the subject. They decided that the development of human resources of hospital personnel and those under the Ministry of Health at large needed to […]

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Jordan: The 4th prime minister within 2 years

Within a timeframe of 18 months, Jordanians have seen the reins of the government pass through the hands of three prime ministers.  The recent one took place when Mr. Awn Khasawneh who has spent barely 6 months in office presented his resignation to King Abdullah II who accepted it. Official reasons are yet to be […]

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Tunisia: Qatar loans to Tunisia

Tunisia, a tiny country compared to its North African neighbors, has been giving a loan by Qatar to the tune of $1 US billion to revive its economy. The newly elected government is putting in place all the mechanisms necessary and at its reach to kick-start an economy which has been in shambles since the […]

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Turkey: Turkey’s onshore drilling contested

Turkey has started onshore drilling for oil and gas on the disputed island of Famagusta that it is engaged in with Cyprus. Cyprus described the action as a violation. Since 1974, Cyprus has been, divided when Turkish troops occupied its northern part in response to a Greek inspired coup in Nicosia.  The northern party will […]

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Swissport & Globalia Win Handling Licenses For Morocco Airports

Swissport and Globalia groups were picked up by Morocco to provide ground handling services in the North African Kingdom airports that are undergoing new facelift and expanding to meet growing air traffic. The two international operators were selected among six big foreign bidders who showed interests in the tender launched by Morocco wherein the airport […]

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Iran: The situation gets tense

If the comments of Major General Benny Gantz are anything to go by, Iran is yet to take the daring step towards producing an atomic bomb. The Israeli Major General considered Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, to be too clever to take such a bold decision. He referred to the Iranian leaders as very […]

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Libya: Elections gaining momentum

After a bloody revolution, with elections fast approaching, Libyan authorities have barred all political authorities from contesting in the June elections if they are formed based on the principles that they consider unhealthy to the up keeping of the “national unity”. All political parties founded on the basis of faith, tribe or ethnicity won’t be […]

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Morocco: Reinforcing renewable energy

The kingdom of Morocco has prolonged the limit of the bid for the 850 MW wind farm. This was done to get reasonable bidders as those who bided before for the procurement were not taken into account because theirs were too low. The National Office for Electricity (ONE), a state-run utility, has decided to fix […]

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