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Trump Maintains Obama-era Nuclear Deal with Iran

US President Donald Trump has approved the 2015 nuclear deal by waiving a set of sanctions against Iran, but warned European allies and Congress it will be the last such waiver he signs if they fail to agree to radical changes to the agree-ment. He gave European allies four months to agree to a stricter […]

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Lebanese Sunni PM Voices Support for Hezbollah Despite Saudi Pressure

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri made a U-turn on his party’s alliance with Saudi Arabia by showing support for Iran-backed Hezbollah. After announcing a shock resignation last November from Riyadh, blaming Iran for interfering Lebanese domestic affairs, Hariri defied the Saudis by withdrawing his decision to step down in December while voicing support for government […]

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UAE Expects Oil Price to Regain Balance in 2018

As oil prices rise to hit a four-year high of $70 a barrel, the UAE’s Energy minister Suhail al-Mazrouei expects the markets to stabilize after a dip that lasted since the end of the expensive oil era in 2014. He told CNBC that 2018 will be the year when a balance will be stricken between […]

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Egypt: Mubarak-era army commander to run for March elections

General Sami Anan, Chief of the army under Hosni Mubarak, announced he would bid for the top position in March Presidential elections. The announcement came just days after military comrade Ahmad Shafiq abandoned his presidential plans. Anan is proposed by his party, Arabism Egypt Party, which said Thursday that the ex-commander has nodded to the […]

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Gulf Crisis: Qatar alerts UN over intrusion of UAE military jet into its airspace

Qatar’s ambassador to the UN has filed a complaint with the world body’s Security Council as her country accuses United Arab Emirates (UAE) of violating its airspace. UAE fighters allegedly entered the Qatari airspace in December, amid the ongoing crisis opposing the tiny Gulf country and its neighbors. The alleged violation, according to the envoy […]

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Turkey: ISIS ‘agriculture minister’, other fighters arrested

Turkish Security forces have nabbed Friday several fighters of the Islamic State group (IS), including the group’s minister of agriculture. Ten members of the jihadist group have been rounded up in central Kayseri province by local counterterrorism agents. One of the detainees is allegedly the group’s agriculture minister, reported Anadolu News Agency, citing an anonymous […]

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Israeli Opposition Leader Says Saudi Arabia Should Administer Religious Sites in Jerusalem

Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog suggested that Saudi Arabia could take responsibility for administering Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem in any peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. In an interview with Saudi-funded news website Elaph, the Knesset member and former leader of the Israeli Labor Party said “Saudi Arabia could play a big role […]

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Kuwait to Host Donor Conference on Iraq’s Reconstruction

Kuwait said it will host a conference to raise funds for the reconstruction of war-torn Iraq, on February. Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Khaled al-Jarallah made the announcement at a joint news conference in Kuwait City with the secretary general of the Iraqi cabinet, Mahdi al-Allaq. Iraq needs at least $100 billion in assistance to rebuild […]

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UN Rebukes UAE over Human Rights Record

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has condemned the UAE over its deplorable human rights record citing vague “anti-terror” crimes that attract the death penalty, the tightening of censorship and the detention of human rights activists. The OHCHR has said in a report that “the UAE’s 2014 counter-terrorism law […]

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EU-Morocco Fisheries Deal: When Advocate General Goes Astray

The non-binding opinion issued Wednesday by the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice on the fisheries agreement concluded between Morocco and the EU raises eyebrows and even suspicion. Several international experts wonder why Belgian legal advisor Melchior Wathelet would choose to take an irrational stand, trying to undermine the extensive ties EU has […]

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