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Teheran warns IAEA against succumbing to US inspection demand

The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Sunday sent warnings to the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over US demand for the agency to inspect Iran’s nuclear program facilities including military installations. “We will continue to cooperate with the agency in line with previous commitments and we will certainly not cross any of the red lines […]

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Jordan: German military deployment delayed over immunity demand for soldiers

Jordan has balked at Berlin’s demand for complete immunity for its soldiers to be deployed in the country as part of US-led coalition against terrorism in Syria, delaying the move. German media have confirmed that bilateral talks to station 250 German soldiers in Jordan have hit a roadblock as Amman refuses to grant total immunity […]

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Europe’s Radicalization Problem

Several media outlets in Europe continue to sow confusion and amalgams following the terrorist attacks that hit Barcelona and Cambril. The Moroccan origins of the radicalized youth involved in these attacks offered far-right journalists and anti-migrant groups a scapegoat and a lazy way to explain the attacks. By doing so, they failed to consider the […]

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Gulf Crisis: Turkey arrests five allegedly connected with QNA hacking

Doha announced Friday that Ankara arrested five computer hackers believed involved in May hacking of Qatari news agency QNA, which sparked the diplomatic row between the tiny gas-rich country and its neighbors. “Our friends in Turkey answered us a short time ago. Five people were arrested and they are being investigated. The prosecutors in Qatar […]

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Doha gives 72 hours to Chadian diplomats to leave in counter move

The Qatari embassy in Ndjamena was closed on Wednesday (August 23) and Qatari diplomats were given 10 days to leave Chad and the following day, Qatar announced the closure of the Chadian diplomatic mission in Doha giving 72 hours to its occupants to leave. N’Djamena busted ties with the Gulf Emirate it accuses of seeking […]

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Yemen: Saleh fortified, crack with Houthis more visible

Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh Thursday was reaffirmed as key player in restoration of peace in the poorest Arab country as thousands of supporters of the deposed leader turned up at a rally in capital Sanaa to defy Shia rebel Houthis who have called for his death despite being an ally. Supporters who arrived […]

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EU-Turkey: “Turkey will never be member of EU in this state” German FM

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel Thursday indicated that the behavior of the current Turkish leadership is the major roadblock in the way of the country’s membership to the European Union. “It is clear that in this state, Turkey will never become a member of the EU,” Gabriel told German popular newspaper Bild. “It’s not because […]

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Iran-KSA: Tehran announces cross-diplomatic visits

Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif has told local ISNA news agency that diplomats from the Islamic Republic and Saudi Arabia will soon exchange visits for the first time since January after Saudi Arabia cut ties with its regional rival following attacks on Saudi missions. “The visas have been issued for both sides to make this […]

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Tunisia: Ankara requested to take action against Egyptian cleric Wajdi Ghanim

The Tunisian Foreign Ministry Wednesday asked Ankara to act quickly and take actions against Turkey-based Egyptian cleric Wajdi Ghanim for his insults to Tunisian President that he described as “a criminal, apostate and liberal” following his support for gender equality between Tunisian men and women and permission to Muslim Tunisian women to marry non-Muslim foreigners. […]

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Gulf crisis: Qatar restores full diplomatic ties with Iran, announces Ambassador’s return to Tehran

Qatar announced this Thursday the restoration of full diplomatic relations with Iran and the return of its ambassador to Tehran, on the background of the crisis opposing Doha to three of its Gulf neighbors plus Egypt. In a short statement, the Qatari Foreign Ministry said that Qatar wants to further strengthen relations in all fields […]

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