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Morocco Determined to Boost Renewable Energy & Meet Its Targets

King Mohammed VI has renewed Morocco’s strong determination to increase the share of renewables in electricity output capacity to 42 pc by 2020 and to 52 pc by 2030. The Moroccan Sovereign chaired, on Monday at the Royal Palace in Tangiers, a working session on the energy sector and the national program for development of […]

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Jordan: Nahed’s Family Demand Dismissal of Prime Minister Mulki

Protesters who assembled in front of the office of Prime Minister Hani Mulki, recently reappointed by King Abdullah to form a new government, are demanding his sacking, following the assassination of writer Nahed Hattar who was shot dead by a former Muslim preacher as he was leaving court. The victim’s brother, Khaled Hattar, said “the […]

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KSA: Austerity Plan on Track

The austerity plan announced by the oil rich kingdom earlier this year is on track, with the signing Monday of a series of royal decrees slashing the salaries of senior officials and councilors. The royal decrees, announced on state-run Ekhbariya TV at the end of a cabinet meeting chaired by King Salman on Monday, curb […]

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Yemen: Coalition Dismisses Houthi Proposed Ceasefire

The Saudi-led coalition has rejected a ceasefire proposed by Saleh Al-Sammad, head of the 10 member governing political council, established by the Houthis and their allies in August. The coalition spokesman Maj. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri stressed that “if they (rebels) want to have a ceasefire they know what they have to do” making reference to […]

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Syria: Dispute of World Powers at UN, Bombing Continues

France and the United Kingdom have joined the tense diplomatic tussle between Russia and the US over Syria at the UN Security Council that has dominated the headlines of this year’s General Assembly. British Ambassador to the UN, Mathew Rycroft said “after five years of conflict”, Assad’s regime continues its “barbarity… against its own people” […]

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Libya: Egypt Could Intervene Militarily, Serraj Calls for National Reconciliation

Egypt’s former assistant foreign minister for Arab Affairs, Ahmed al-Quesni, said Cairo could intervene in neighboring Libya militarily to safeguard its own national security and stability. “Egypt will not let the oil ports be taken away from the Libyan people” and the deployment of Egyptian troops will send a message to “Western countries” forcing them […]

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Egypt-PA: Abbas Is Incompetent, Old and Lacks Ideas, Senior Egyptian Intelligence Officer

A telephone discussion between intelligence officer Major General Wael el-Safty, head of Palestinian Affairs at Egypt’s General Intelligence Directorate (GID), and controversial Palestinian figure living in exile, Mohammed Dahlan, has been leaked with the two ridiculing Fatah and President Mahmoud Abbas. Only Safty’s voice was audible. He could be heard saying Abbas’s “concentration isn’t at […]

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Oman: Government Could be Offloading Stakes to Private Sector

There are signs that Oman could be on the verge of preparing to sell some of its stakes but the undersecretary of the Finance ministry, Nasser al-Jashmi, downplayed the speculations. He explained that “we are transferring logistics-related assets, and the same applies to other sectors” in order to make their operations more efficient and to […]

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Yemen: Coalition, Targeting Houthi Leaders’ Meeting Bombs Residential Areas

Warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition targeted “Houthi leaders” in the Souq al-Hunod district Wednesday night but there are reports that the missiles hit residential areas populated by workers, medical services and local officials. The spokesman of the coalition, General Ahmed Assiri, said “we had information that they (Houthi leaders) were having a meeting” but was […]

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Syria: Bombings Resume as Diplomats Argue at UN

As Russia and the United States continue to disagree at the United Nations on the terms of extending the ceasefire, President Assad announced that the seven-day ceasefire, began on September 12, has ended and launched a new offensive on the rebel-held part of Aleppo. The regime’s bombings seemed to be intense as Ammar al-Selmo, the […]

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