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MENA: Arab Spring cost equals $800 billion

The Arab Spring which started in Tunisia before sweeping North Africa and the Middle East could be one of the costliest phenomenons that has ever been witnessed by the region. In a research report published by HSBC Bank, by the end of December 2014 almost $800billion would have been lost in output by the region. […]

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Iran-Britain revive ties after 2011 breakdown

Iran and Britain have announced that they will be working towards reopening their respective embassies after an incident in 2011 led to their closure. Both countries will be appointing non-resident charges d’affaires in their respective capitals as an initial step towards it. Britain credited President Rouhani’s approach for the development. In November 2011, Britain decided […]

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Palestine losing billions annually

A report from the World Bank on the Palestinian economy has underlined that Israel’s presence in Area C of the Oslo accords is costing Palestine dearly. The report entitled “Area C and the Future of the Palestinian Economy” stated that Palestine was losing billions annually due to the inaccessibility of the area which is the […]

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UAE: turning Dubai into the Capital of Islamic Economy.

Dubai has revealed its intentions to become an Islamic economy where business in several sectors based on Islamic principles could flourish. It also wants to become a hub for the transactions of Islamic bonds and willing to compete with the Kuala Lumpur and London which continue to dominate the Islamic financial market. The announcements were […]

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KSA: shale gas production

Saudi Arabia is expected to begin the exploitation of its shale gas resources. Aramco is engaged in talks for the acquisition of 40 extra rigs to supplement its plans for shale gas operations. The government has not made any official announcement regarding the exploitation of shale gas in the country although studies have proved that […]

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Yemen struggles to maintain South integrity

Talks between Yemenis continue to be stalled with the Southern part of the country determined to become a breakaway independent state. The government is accusing other regional countries of supporting the South’s desire after limited progress was achieved in maintaining the integrity of the state.  The dialogue which was to end last month is likely […]

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More than 50% of Syria’s rebels are foreigners

The number of foreign fighters in the Syrian war has reached an alarming point and citizens in the rebel controlled areas are worried about it. Most of the fighters come from the Middle East and North Africa and they have started playing prominent authoritative roles in the rebel zones. Some of the fighters are alleged […]

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