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KSA: Investors furious at Egypt and threaten to cut investment

If the quotes of a prominent Saudi businessman are anything to go by, a number of the gulf state’s investors may be obliged to pull their investments out of Egypt by the year-end, according to the business daily, Al-Eqtisadiah. Current Saudi investments in Egypt stand at a colossal sum $ 535 million, according to Abdullah […]

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Qatar: towards an early leadership change?

Qatar has been subject to rumors in recent months about a possible change of leadership aimed at to preventing a possible palace coup d’état, similar to the one that took place in 1995 during the era of the present Emir’s father. This succession would be the first of its kind in the region, but remains […]

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Syria: Assad defies the international community and challenges the rebel alliance

Bashar Assad has warned countries willing to arm the rebels fighting against his government that they “will pay a price” if they go ahead with their plan, as he rejected accusations of using chemical weapons. The United States has announced that it could arm the rebels last week while the European Union’s weapons embargo has […]

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UAE: Metito expansion plan takes another step

Metito, United Arab Emirates-based water and waste-water specialist, has announced that it has made progress as part of its expansion project, after securing long-term financing to support expansion plans in Indonesia, Egypt and China. Abu Dhabi-based Gulf Capital, and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) own the company. Lately, Metito has heavily increased its […]

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Syria: Obama calls for further engagement

The White House has stated that Syria has finally crossed the “red line”, thereby obliging it to increase the “scale and scope” of its support to the opposition forces. The US government claims that nerve agent Sarin gas has been used against the rebels during combats. Estimations of fatalities have been forwarded but they remain […]

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MSCI upgrades Qatar and the UAE

Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) added Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to its list of emerging markets benchmark, as part of a reclassification process that led to a rise in the stock exchange of the two countries. MSCI’s decision is a major step for the gulf countries to become a destination for equity investment […]

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UAE to “further engage with British expertise”

Abu Dhabi’s Department of transport concluded a deal with United Kingdom’s Department for Transport in a bid to facilitate cooperation between them in the field of transportation, with both parties eying future cooperation in areas such as the exchange of information and experience, mass urban transit planning, design, construction and maintenance standards. The agreement is […]

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The US strongly reacts against Iran’s cyber attacks

The United States is providing its allies in the Middle East, and especially those in the Persian Gulf, with techniques to strengthen their cyber defenses in order to counter growing attacks from Iran. According to senior American officials, the US is providing these countries with computer software, hardware and training programs. The program will be […]

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Gulf countries express fear of Iran’s nuclear facilities

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have showed concerns about the safety of Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant, following reports that the last earthquakes damaged it. Countries in the gulf are seeking an explanation from Iran and they have made their worries known at the Board of Governors of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency […]

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Egypt: NGO Verdicts Irk U.S. & Europe, Sparking New Crisis ?

The guilty verdicts and sentences handed down by an Egyptian court against  several workers for non-government organizations have prompted anger and outrage both in Washington and Brussels, and may result in diplomatic crisis. The U.S. administration and European governments have slammed the trial and accused the new Islamist authorities in Egypt (controlled by the Muslim […]

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