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UAE: lack of education handicaps young Emiratis.

Dr Natasha Ridge, executive director of the Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research, co-authored a study explaining why children in the Northern Emirates are dropping out of school in such high numbers. This report that was published on Wednesday suggested that students in these areas that are from low-income families have […]

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Israel: a new Justice Minister

For a few days the whole of Israel has been eagerly awaiting to find out who exactly is going to be the members of the coalition government formed by Binyamin Netanyahu. On Tuesday, the first member of this coalition was named: Livni leader of the Hatnuah party was appointed as justice minister. During her mandate […]

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KSA: a small step towards women’s right

After disappearing from all media since his operation in November King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia made an appearance in a state media to make a speech welcoming and advising the new members of the council. This council that is meant to advice the King in law making matters is entirely appointed by the King who […]

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Yemen: A workshop to improve fishing industry

A workshop was held in by the Fishery Cooperative Union and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). During this event it was announced that the countries third revenue is in the fishing sector since two million people and their families make a living out of it. According to Dr. Bahran, the director of IFAD, […]

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UAE: Employment and cohesion between the private and public sectors

The Minister of Labour, Mr Saqr Ghobash announced on Monday that the UAE is at an employment crossroads. He said that the country’s jobless rate has reached a very high level and an open discussion should now be initiated so that the gap between salaries and benefits between public and private sectors should be diminished. […]

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Iran: when eastern influence is refused

Iranian security forces have been confiscating Barbie dolls and The Simpsons’ characters for some time now because these items were banned because they symbolize western influence according to the authorities. This week new additions that were made to this list are statues of Buddha which are all going to be confiscated in Tehran if found […]

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Bahrain: clashes resumed

Demonstrations were held all over Bahrain to mark the second anniversary of the uprising that occurred in the country. However during this event many were injured and a teenage boy was even killed. At his funeral clashes broke out between the mourners and police forces that did not hesitate to fire tear gas and stun […]

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Yemen: economy is stabilizing

The rate of interest rates in Yemen had been set at 18 % two month ago but since then an unprecedented low has been reached by getting to 15% this week. This rate on certificates of deposits (CDs) is explained by economists as a method to prohibit banks of freezing their money in the Central […]

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Iran accused of arming rebels in Somalia and Yemen

Since 1992 the Security Council imposed an arm embargo on an instable Somalia with feuding warlords that had just overthrown Mohamed Siad Barre. UN monitors are saying that Islamist militants in the area are managing to get weapons and they are accusing Iran of being the main provider. This accusation comes at a time where […]

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Bahrain: negotiations still going on

It has already been two years since the Arab Spring-inspired uprising occurred in Bahrain. A day before the anniversary 27 representatives from all the political sides reunited in a resort in the desert in order to reestablish the dialogue that has been broke down since summer of 2011. The discussion will be held between the […]

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