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Dubai: the Middle East’s safest heaven for tourism

The usual popular touristic destinations such as Lebanon or Syria have seen their tourism industry greatly affected by security concerns in their regions. However, Dubai has become a very attractive destination for tourists because it has managed to assure stability. According to Christopher Hewett from TRI Hospitality Consulting, Dubai “thrived even more in the recent […]

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Bahrain: ‘’Reform shelved, Repression Unleashed”

The anti-government uprising which happened last year was responsible for many losses. It is estimated that over 60 people were killed including many police officers. Even though the uprising was crushed by the government, promises were made to make significant reforms. However International condemnation is being made to the country through a study entitled “Bahrain: […]

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Oman: guided missiles from the US to be integrated

The defense Security Cooperation Agency of the United States of America stated that Oman is negotiating a deal to buy $96 million worth of guided missiles. United States Congress has already been notified of this countries desire to acquire military weapons that have been manufactured by Americans. According to the latest Global Militarization Index by […]

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Gaza: no premises to cease the crisis

For a week now, the Israel and Palestine crisis that has been causing so much human and infrastructure damage couldn’t be resolved. Actually, the level of violence just kept growing both sides attacking or reposting at the incessant attacks. A series of International personalities are now all flying to the region to help find a […]

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Qatar: Alleged bribery claims completely refuted

The Sunday Times, one of the United Kingdom’s most influential newspaper claimed that Qatar offered $ 1 million to one of FIFA member’s that took the decision to make the country host the 2022 World Cup tournament. Many suggestions without proof to back them up were made that bribery was a weapon that was used […]

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Bahrain: the abuse of Shi’ites

Just a year ago, protests of the majority Shi’ite population was crushed by the minority Sunni that rules the Kingdom of Bahrain. The monarchy applied martial law and received help from its neighboring Gulf countries to succeed into doing so. But in doing so, some police officers used this opportunity to abuse the fundamental rights […]

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Qatar: educating children of the world

During the world Innovation Summit for Education in Doha, the wife of the emir of Qatar, Sheika Moza bint Nasser announced the creation of a program that aims to educate children of the world that can’t get a formal education. Although this foundation named Educate a Child was just formally announced financing of initiatives has […]

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KSA: strengthening electric power capacity

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates, presently the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a population of 28 million habitants. By 2020, this number is expected to increase by 32 % and reach 37 million. With a vast majority of citizens living in urban areas, the situation requires the creation of more facilities to […]

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Kuwait: bringing the dream to live

After a long period of delay of the causeway project, Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah project, a deal has finally been signed to bring the dream to live.  According to a stock exchange filing, Kuwait has signed a contract with South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company to design, build and maintain the major bridge. The […]

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Jordan: Violent protests due to the increase of fuel prices.

Jordan was facing a $3 billion deficit in September. Therefore, the government tried to reduce fuel subsidies by raising the price by 10 %. But the decision was reversed when thousands demonstrated. However, a drop in subsidies forced the cabinet to announce late Tuesday night an increase in prices of 14 %  at the pump […]

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