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Lebanese banking association toys with the idea of pulling out of talks with IMF

Lebanon’s banking association said Thursday it might withdraw from talks with IMF owing to rows over the scale of the country’s vast financial losses, Zawya reports. “The atmosphere that prevailed at a meeting today at the finance ministry brought matters back to square one and does not encourage moving forward towards an understanding. … Not […]

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Ethiopian Airlines’ plane catches fire at Shanghai airport

An Ethiopian Airline cargo plane caught fire in China, an aviation news tracking portal reported on Wednesday morning. The incident involved Ethiopian Airlines 777F which was parked at the Shanghai Pudong Airport. The blaze was centralized in the fuselage area. “The aircraft is thought to be ET-ARH, a 5-year old 777 Freighter. It arrived from […]

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Supply convoy to US troop destroyed in roadside bomb attacks in Iraq

A supply convoy to US troop in Iraq was hit Wednesday in two roadside bomb attack in the southern province of Dhi Qar province, reports say. The attacks which occurred on the Al-Bathaa road targeted trucks carrying logical support for US troop. The blasts according to a police captain unauthorized to talk, blew up a […]

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Iraqi PM vows to protect Iran’s sovereignty during maiden international trip

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi Tuesday pledged to protect Iran’s sovereignty as he made his first foreign visit to the Islamic Republic. The US ally met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in capital Teheran. The Iranian leader according to the media reports indicated that the visit heralds a “turning point in relations between the two […]

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Gunmen abduct German activist in Baghdad

Unidentified gunmen have kidnapped in the Iraqi capital a German activist affiliated to the Goethe Institute, reports say. Hella Mewis according to the Iraqi police was abducted near her office on the Abu Nuwas Street at the evening hours. She is the head of the culture department of German institute present in at least 159 […]

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Netflix brushes aside rumors of exit from Turkey

California-based media and tech service provider Netflix has denied rumors it is exiting Turkey after it came under attack over a controversial Turkish TV series to feature a gay character. The company in statement issued Monday re-assured its members that it is committed. Some Turkey have lambasted the streaming giant prior to the release of […]

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Sudan’s army moves to launch legal actions against insulting activists, journalists

Sudan’s army has announced legal actions against journalists and activists for insults and accusations that have crossed the “bounds of patience”. The announcement made Saturday came following massive demonstrations in capital Khartoum last month against the ruling coalition over slow-paced reforms promised by the new administration formed last year. The army, which is part of […]

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Qatar to host west region of 2020 Asian Champions League

Asian Football Confederation Thursday chose Qatar to host in a single tournament the west region of this year’s edition of the Asian Champions League affected the covid-19 pandemic. The host of the next World Cup in 2022 will the group games of through to the semi-finals rom September 14 to October 3, Sports Yahoo reports […]

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Gunmen kill one Lebanese soldier in attacks on army positions

A Lebanese soldier was killed Monday after some gunmen opened fire on an army patrol and army positions in several areas across the Baalbek region, reports say. The military command neither revealed the identity of the attackers nor apprehended them but said number of armed (men) fired at a patrol belonging to the army and […]

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Lebanese TV Show host to stand trial in October after insulting Turkey’s President

A Lebanese TV show host is due to stand a trial in October after he insulted Turkey and its leader that he referred to as “evil”. Neshan Der Haroutiounian has come under fired after he made insulting remarks about Turkey and its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, The New Arab reports. Der Haroutiounian underlined his remarks […]

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