Iran : Positive vibrations over controversial nuclear program

moghrini-nuc-iranIran has reached a framework agreement with Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States on its nuclear program paving the way for a technical agreement to be sealed before June 30. A joint statement read by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini stated that it was a “crucial decision” and a “decisive step” towards drafting the formal text and annexes.

As part of the agreement, Iran will continue with its nuclear program but adjustments will be made at plants to stop it from producing atomic weapons and its uranium centrifuges will be reduced in exchange for an end to economic and financial sanctions.

President Obama descried the achievement as a historic understanding with Iran” and a “good deal” citing that it was based on “unprecedented verification” and “if Iran cheats, the world will know it.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said it is a “win-win outcome” and that the full nuclear deal would be “something actually very innovative” as Iran would be able to sell enriched uranium in the international fuel market. He said efforts are being made by all the countries not to go back to the “old system.”

Russia said the framework was in accordance with the recognition of “Iran’s unconditional right to a peaceful nuclear program” while France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned that “there are still questions and details that need to be resolved” despite the positive step. US Secretary of State John Kerry is optimistic that the agreement was a “solid foundation for a good deal.”

The announcement of the framework agreement was met by jubilant scenes in the streets of Tehran but sanctions will continue to be in place until the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed Iran’s compliance with a formal agreement.

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  1. From the mask of ISIS to the Pact with Iran many are the threats in front and behind one heroic president Obama. The destabilizing force of terror instead is always One. Only One Hand moves all the pawns and wants a world war at all costs. Behind the scenes of any espionage and counter-terrorism you will always find the same hidden Hand of the Zionists, the CIA, that in cahoots with Israel took over a new role since 9/11.
    Their ultimate objective is to provoke a world war and that the US forces be pushed to fight this War in favor of the State of Israel.
    The picture shown even by the media of the chief of the US Intelligence, sen. Mc Cain, taken with the chief of ISIS, al Baghdadi, is more evidence that, aside from mercenaries, the Zionists also use parallel channels to remain unknown and to enroll and pay for thousands of people under the name of ISIS and other phantom organizations in order to reach their goal.
    How much could this stratagem cost? It would not be a lot even if compared to only one of their many robberies in the last 50 years. Like that one for 2.3 trillion dollars officially declared missing by the Pentagon one the day before 9/11 and stolen by the former chief and comptroller of the Pentagon, the Zionist Dov Zackheim. This matter was quickly put aside following the events of the next day.
    Since November 22 1963 there was a silent coupe d’état in the US and the Americans have been denied of control of their Country since the killing of president JFK but the public opinion never realized that as the steps were gradual and the path was short from the Democracy of a White House and a US president to the control of the CIA and tyranny of George H. Bush.
    The future that awaits will have grandiose theatrical surprises and spectacular events in the likes of 9/11. The future will also see Jeb Bush as the next US president to introduce a New World Order. The Zionists have a particular sense of humor and will have much to laugh at the expense of poor Gentiles.
    One thing is for sure. Drastic changes will only occur with drastic measures.
    The first step? Become aware.

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